At your end with trying to lose weight and failing?

You can succeed and meet your goal

It can seem that there is no hope. That you have no control over your weight.

You can take control back, let me show you how.

Been on more than a few diets in your life and either don’t lose the weight or gain it back and more after?

Tired of the weight loss yoyo?  Ready to try something new?

Learn from someone who has been there and lost it, not just a few pounds but over 150 pounds (over 10 stone). After struggling with being morbedly obese for most of my adult life and failing at all the diets I tried, I finally found something that worked.  OK a series of things that was not a strict diet or exercise program.

AND kept it off, for over 3 years so  far…

instead of starting a new diet, try something new, change for life.

Without giving up the things you love (yes I mean chocolate and chips!)

Live your weight loss now!


What do we offer?

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It can be so lonely


You try to be positive, not to take the comments or looks to heart.

I know, I have been there. 


Join a tribe of people like you

Why should you listen to me?

I had always thought I was overweight.  I never listed to people, then in my 20’s I started gaining weight, until I was morbidly obese.

I tried diet after diet, exercise programs and always seemed to fail.

I felt like I would never be thin, or even mobidly obese.

What changed?

I did.  Once my thoughts changed, the weight fell off, and has stayed off without any struggle.

Learn techniques and tips I have used, and some I still use.


Fibre to help with weight loss?

You may be thinking what has fibre to do with weight loss. The truth is if your body is getting all the nutrients it needs it really does kick start or just plain help you lose weight. Plus fibre helps us to feel fuller longer. So if you are wanting to lose weight and...

Is willpower working for your weight goal?

If there was a bowl of your favourite snack in front of you, could you say no? willpower is one of those things that some people seem to have in spades. Not me. Some think it is easy for me to not eat the food that should be a treat. Well, it is not. I have good days...

Sleep away those pounds

Sleeping can help with weight loss! It is easy to think that only a diet can help you lose weight but as I feel like I say a lot, there are lot’s that you can do, that has little to do with food to help reach that goal. Sleep is one of them. You should be aiming for 9...