Our wellbeing includes how we look, as in the clothes we wear, skin care, hair and all aspects of our appearance.  When I was large I would make sure I looked neat and tidy but did not feel I could look great.

As I started to lose weight I started to try on clothes that had shape, rather than the tents I used to wear. When I wore clothes I felt good in and that I looked good in I would feel happier.

If you are like I was then start small.  What colours make you look great? Some colours make our skin look better other colours can wash us out.  When you find out what colours are your colours you can go through your wardobe to see what items are the colours that suite you best.

Next find out what your body shape is and what clothes are recomended to complement that shape.

Woman Fat Plus Size Portuguese
luizgwyer / Pixabay

Go through your wardrobe and see what you have that are the types to complement your shapes, then go to the shops to try clothes but only try those that complement your shape.  

Something to keep in mind throughout it all is your style.

You could have a classic, bohemian or modern style, look at what you like and what suites you to create your style.  

It is a combination of colours and shape that suite in a style you love is how you really feel amazing about how you look.

What is your favourite outfit and why?