I used to miss a lot of meals, some days I would not eat until after 4pm. Isn’t that a good thing?  Eat less means less calories?

Less calories means losing more weight?

Not necessarily.

Over the years I didn’t lose, in fact I was either staying the same or gaining weight.  Not really what I wanted.

When I went away on a work trip and actually ate regularly I lost weight.  I realised that our bodies need fuel in order to lose weight.

By skipping meals my body was not sure when it was going to get it’s next meal so kept as much as it could. The less I ate, the less frequent I ate the less I would lose.

By eating regular healthy meals my body realised that I was not starving it, and it would get the fuel it needed to do the exercise to lose the weight.

I started to have more energy, and could do more exercise each day.  The weight started to fall off.  After years of no weight loss, it was a relief to have the weight come off.