We are in more stressful times than normal. Businesses being asked to allow their employees to work at home if possible. No unnecessary contact or exposure to other people. All of which adds stress to all people.

What do we do when we are stressed? Reach for comfort food? High carb, high starch or high sugar, it will make us feel better.

But does it?

It really does not help us long term. Going for a walk outside helps more. As long as we are not in self isolation due to sickness or exposure we are encouraged to keep fit in the open air. So not in enclosed gyms with others.

A walk along the seafront or in a park can help you feel better, less stressed, less isolated.

There is also plenty to help with stress that can be done in the home. Crafts is one, keep your hands busy doing crafts is great, especially if you have kids. They can make gifts for the self isolated, and the elderly.

I put a YouTube video of a country park in Europe where there are birds and deer. My cats love it and if I close the curtains it looks like a window, so I can pretend I am on vacation.

We are all in this together. What are your tips for easing stress during this time?