We see our goal, not the journey

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23 April 2020

Mountains can seem so high, we see others reach their goals and think they must be amazing and superhuman to get there.

The truth is that we are our own worst enemy.

We see an empty gap between where we are now and where we want to be, like a thick fog.

For years I saw my goal of being thin and the life I would lead but never saw what I would be like a size smaller, or 3 sizes smaller. The path that would lead me there.

There was two states, what I was like big and what I would be like when I got to that shiny end point of “Thin”.

Living in Lockdown has reminded me of this.  We are in this fog but are not sure when we will get out of it. 

Our goals are getting pushed further into the future while we are in this fog.

Are we clearing the fog and creating the path to our goal?

I only reached my goal when I stopped doing what I had always done and started on a different path.

Lockdown can be an opportunity to find that new path. To try something different to reach your goal.

Epiphany Wellbeing Solutions

Epiphany Wellbeing Solutions

Weight loss coach

Katherine Davison

Katherine Davison

Weight loss coach

Katherine Davison, a weight loss coach, has conquered her own weight struggles over the span of a decade. By surpassing ineffective diets and extreme measures, she has discovered unique strategies that yield genuine positive results while still enjoying the pleasure of food.

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