I lived a grey life, now I live in colour.

It seemed that I was living life in monochrome.  There was no colour.  Everyone else used to go out and do things, live their life and laugh and have fun.

I worked, went home, and worked some more.


I was unhappy and overweight, not just a few pounds over 170 pounds overweight.  I would look in the mirror and not see me, just a very overweight person who smiled but that smile was not reflected in the eyes.

As a person of action, I decided one day that I could not stand it any longer that I needed to try something different in order to change. I tried a lot but nothing worked until someone said to me that I needed to start enjoying life.

Live my life the way I wanted when I reached that weight I longed to be.

I started to go out with friends, travel and sightsee, slow down and enjoy food, savour it.  Not just exist but to LIVE.

The weight fell off.

To live the adventures of life, in colour.

It does not mean I could do all the activities I wanted right away, 

it took time, it was worth it.