How mindset changes everything

Katherine Davison
19 May 2021

Having been on many diets and failed each of them, I thought there was something wrong with me. I would start out going 100 percent in.  Do everything the diet recommended.

Why could they not work.

How many people feel the same?

You start out strong, but either the success is not fast enough, or something happens.  An important event. A terrible day at work. We just need a treat.

Whatever it is, we fall off the wagon and give up.

It does not have to be like that.

We can succeed.

But we need to stop putting all the obstacles in our way.

We need to stop sabotaging ourselves.

This can be so difficult especially if we do not know we are doing it.

Something small like making excuses. Some that I used were: –

“It was a rough day; I need that chocolate”.

“I made it through the week, celebrate with cake and wine!”

“I should go out for a walk, but I am too tired.”

I could go on.

I was the obstacle; I was the problem.  Instead of finding solutions to succeed, I would let myself fail.

To stay fat, (morbidly obese as the doctors and nurses would stress).

This changed when I decided to stop getting in my own way, to change my mindset.

This is the first step!

Decide to change your mindset!

Katherine Davison

Katherine Davison

Weight loss coach

Katherine Davison

Katherine Davison

Weight loss coach

Katherine Davison, a weight loss coach, has conquered her own weight struggles over the span of a decade. By surpassing ineffective diets and extreme measures, she has discovered unique strategies that yield genuine positive results while still enjoying the pleasure of food.

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