I just wanted to fade into the background

Katherine Davison
6 July 2021

Each time someone would look at me I would assume they were judging me. I could imagine them thinking that I ate too much, that I was lazy with my eating habits.

I just wanted to blend into the background.  To not be seen.

One day I realised that I was the one judging myself.

I needed to stop judging, stop doing the things I always tried, fad diets and extreme workouts and do something different.

Instead of the extreme, I started to make smaller changes. As I made the changes, I changed how I thought about food and exercise.

I quit hiding and started to experience life, and live.

The weight started to come off.

I started to wear colour and did not fade into the background.

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Katherine Davison

Katherine Davison

Weight loss coach

Katherine Davison

Katherine Davison

Weight loss coach

Katherine Davison, a weight loss coach, has conquered her own weight struggles over the span of a decade. By surpassing ineffective diets and extreme measures, she has discovered unique strategies that yield genuine positive results while still enjoying the pleasure of food.

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