My Turning Point

Katherine Davison
13 May 2021

I had tried so many diets over the years, some drastic and probably harmful to me, and I did not shift the weight. That was when I decided to do something drastic! If diet and exercise did not work, then I had to do something else, something I had not done before.

I decided to have weight loss surgery and booked it for 4 months later.

I asked questions, prepared, and ate all the foods that I was sure I would never be able to eat again.

Surgery went well and I lost a stone, (14 lbs), then another half stone, then stopped. I remember sitting in a computer training room in the office thinking that I had wasted all that money on surgery.  It was only two months and I had extraordinarily little weight loss compared to everyone else, and I had not lost anything in a month.

My usual response would be – to be unhappy in silence, do not talk about it and try another diet. All while smiling.

But I did not do that! I emailed the dietitian the surgeon used and had a phone meeting. She might not remember what she told me, but I interpreted it as “live your weight loss”.

What does that mean?

To me it means to stop waiting to do what I wanted, and to start enjoying life. Do the activities I love or have wanted to try.

It was the moment that my mindset shifted.

My thoughts towards food and exercise changed.

What was once difficult became easy. Thoughts of depriving myself disappeared.

A weight was literally lifted off me and I lost the weight and have not gained it back.

This is not something that is unique to me, anyone can do it. Like me, you just need the right guidance, the right motivation and the right support.

Katherine Davison

Katherine Davison

Weight loss coach

Katherine Davison

Katherine Davison

Weight loss coach

Katherine Davison, a weight loss coach, has conquered her own weight struggles over the span of a decade. By surpassing ineffective diets and extreme measures, she has discovered unique strategies that yield genuine positive results while still enjoying the pleasure of food.

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