I have heard this so many times. And I used to believe it.

Now I know better.

It is so easy to say or think that weight loss is about eating less, in some ways that can be true but what you eat is more important to look at.

I remember watching tv show about a group of people who were on different diets.Β  One lady was on a very popular global diet plan but was shocked when she didn’t lose weight.

Let’s see if you can guess why, the diet gave each food point value, you could eat anything you wanted as long as you did not go over the total number of points.

Most days she ate less than her points, saving some up so on friday evening she could meet up with her friends and go out for drinks.

She also avoided healthy meals, instead eating chocolate bars and ready meals.

Hit reply and let me know why you think she did not lose weight.

I will let you know next week