Hello beautiful ,

Even if you’re having a snack, enjoying it in a beautiful teacup or on a lovely plate makes it feel like more of an event.

Mary Helen Bowers

Wellness is so much more than just what you eat.  How you eat can make a huge difference in how much you eat and how much you enjoy meals, drink, and snacks.

You can sit on the sofa watching tv and eating but how much are you really going to enjoy it?  Have you ever had afternoon tea with china?  You slow down, look at everything, notice more. Savour.

Think about air travel, economy versus premium economy versus business class versus first class

Each treat you slightly different, but moving up from economy and travelling premium economy you appreciate the differences. That beverage when you board the plane. Larger seats. You enjoy and savour the experience.

When you eat make it an event.  It does not have to be a large event but more of an intimate one.

Set the table, use nice dishes and cutlery.  Have cloth napkins and china or glass or crystal glasses.

This takes planning and preparation but can help you to enjoy food more.

Grab a cup of your favourite drink, put your earbuds in if you need to and goto a quiet space and get comfortable.  Then complete today’s lesson here .

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Have a wonderful day!