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You will always reap greater rewards by exercising at the more intense side of the spectrum. 

James Driver, HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training Explained

Working out can be difficult, either finding the time or the motivation.  It would be great if there was a way we could get fitter faster!

HIIT is being advertised as that way.  No matter your mobility or your level you can increase your fitness quickly and with only a short session.  If you avoid working out I challenge you to try todays action file for 3 times this week, 5 minutes each time.

HIIT can be done with any activity that increases your heart rate so choose an activity that you can do without getting hurt.

Before starting a new workout do consult your doctor and make sure you are working out in a safe way.

Grab a cup of your favourite drink, put your earbuds in if you need to and goto a quiet space and get comfortable.  Then complete today’s lesson here .

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