Suzi Snacker

Snacking does not have to be a bad thing

When it comes to weight loss, you are ready for change, to succeed and stay the weight you want to be! You have a blocker, but it does not mean you cannot reach your goal and keep the weight off.

Learning how to use snacking to lose and keep the weight off is the first step.

By completing this quiz, you are ready to look at something different, rather than just starting another diet.

Use Snacking to your advantage

Growing up I was someone who prefered to snack, but I was always told that it was a bad thing, that I needed to save myself for meals.

These people were not experts.

They were family, friends, and collegues.

Now I know better.

Instead of waiting for mealtime, then be so hungry that you overeat, why not schedule in snacks.  Then you can have a slightly smaller meal because you are not as hungry.

Does this sound familiar?

It can feel out of control. You don’t think you can stop, just give in when you feel like eating chips, or a sweet like cake.

By making snacks works for you, you can get that control back and reach your goal.

Try this

Only make small changes, over time.  this will make it easier to maintain and not return to your old habits.

    1. Schedule in at least 1 snack between each meal, 2 is ok as well.
    2. Over a week look at what you eat and choose one item and try slightly healthier alternatives to find those that you love just as much as the unhealthy snacks.
    3. Treat your snack with respect, eat slowly and savour each bite.  Remember what it tastes like. No more mindless eating!

If you gave your email address I will be sending you information about why these small things can help you.

When a hunger pain happens, that’s your bodies way of saying it’s too late, you’re a fat storing machine now. The key and all trainers know the secret is that you should always take portable snacks with you and try to feed yourself every couple of hours.

Jackie Warner

"Who is this with all the tips?"Let me introduce myself...

Hi, 🙋‍♀️ I’m Katherine, weight loss coach and motivator.. I help individuals just like you create healthy, happy lives. What’s my philosophy?

Well it’s all about releasing habits that are holding you back. I was large for so many years. Morbidly obese and unhappy. For years I tried everything to lose the weight, without luck. Then I found the secret. I want to share it with you.

If you’re like many, you may have developed daily routines that sabotage your mind and body. Maybe you just can’t seem to quit snacking… but in reality you need to find the cause.

No matter what it is, I’m here to help! Together, we’re going to get to the bottom of why you have the habits that are holding you back from your healthiest, happiest life.

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