Wanda Willpower

Keeping will power does not have to be difficult

We can get used to the struggle and this it is normal.  Telling yourself you can’t have something, trying to stay strong, binging once in a while.

You are ready for change, to enjoy food again and not feel deprived, to succeed and stay the weight you want to be! You have a blocker, but it does not mean you cannot reach your goal and keep the weight off.

Learning how to use will power to lose and keep the weight off is the first step.

By completing this quiz, you are ready to look at something different, rather than just starting another diet.

Will Power needs something to sustain it

Relying on will power without a strong reason means that we use reasons to give in to what we want.

By finding the reason that will help you keep your will power strong, you can stick with any diet you wish.

My programs look at what your reason for losing weight is and how to remind yourself of it when you want to do something that will not let you reach your goal.

I have been there. Friday’s was my take away night.  I could order takaway, and if I happened to order too much, then it was ok to eat it over the weekend.

It took me a complete loss of hope before I decided to stop and try something different.  To change how I thought.

My thoughts of what will power were and how to apply it changed.

It starts with 3 things

Will power can also be easier if you don’t try to make too many changes all at once.  3 changes, small changes make it easier to maintain.

    1. Instead of looking at food as Good/Bad, think of all food as fuel. Some will fuel your body better than others.
    2. After you eat, think about how you feel, did the food make you feel energetic or tired?
    3. After a few days start to think about what food is better fuel, what which is not.  Each week try and increase the amount of good fuel you eat by one handful each day. (a handful is generally one serving, but if you are unsure google what the serving size is for the item)

If you gave your email address I will be sending you information about why these small things can help you.

If What You’re Doing is Not Working, Change It!

Tony Robbins

"Who is this with all the tips?"Let me introduce myself...

Hi, 🙋‍♀️ I’m Katherine, weight loss coach and motivator.. I help individuals just like you create healthy, happy lives. What’s my philosophy?

Well it’s all about releasing habits that are holding you back. I was large for so many years. Morbidly obese and unhappy. For years I tried everything to lose the weight, without luck. Then I found the secret. I want to share it with you.

If you’re like many, you may have developed daily routines that sabotage your mind and body. Maybe you just can’t seem to quit snacking… but in reality you need to find the cause.

No matter what it is, I’m here to help! Together, we’re going to get to the bottom of why you have the habits that are holding you back from your healthiest, happiest life.

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